Company History

Company History
1999 Nov  Establishment as a R&D center for Li-ion battery technology.(Solutions to problems for battery technology and manufacturing process)
2002 Oct  Starting of development the cathode and the anode materials for a high- energy type or a high- power type LIB.
2004 Aug Starting of Co-development LiFePO4 for a longer calendar life and a lower cost with the battery material maker.
2004 Dec  Starting of co-operation LIB for HEV or PHEV with the majar Car maker .
2006 Jan  Electrode R&D Pilot line
2007 Oct  Technology development of long life. (leaded to apply more than 21 patents linked to battery technology alone or together) 
2010 Mar  Laminated type LIB Pilot line
2010 Jul  Supply of Material, Electrode and Cell